The intuition that becomes history

“I felt out of the rules, free of my choices, as eroded by a demon that urged me to dare”

Les Copains was born in the late 1950s from the idea of Mario Bandiera, Bolognese by birth. Bandiera began his business exporting knitwear to Germany, produced in a small workshop organized in an apartment in his city. Living behind Paris, the center of art and culture in the 1960s, ’is the turning point. In this context, Bandiera, sensitive and attentive to the suggestions that surround him, perceives and interprets the desire and the need for expression of Parisian youth and launches the minipull, signed Les Copains.

Salut les copains

The name originates from the French radio program Salut les copains, promoter and main speaker of the music genre Yé-Yé. Les Copains defines a group of young people united by a passion for art and for the new. It is to them that Bandiera intends to address.

The fashion in which he intends to give life, is indeed a fashion in step with its times, that often he anticipates, but at the same time eternal: “Making timeless clothes that are inspired by the present day. I try to make a fashion that lasts.”.

Heritage Les Copains: Italian knitwear and savoir faire

Les Copains sets its balance points in knitwear, which becomes a distinctive element of the brand. Thanks to that intuition, knitwear abandons its exclusively functional character and becomes a full-fledged fashion item. Excellent raw materials, such as cashmere, are transformed into an elegant and sophisticated product through the use of the most innovative technologies.

Informal elegance: the modern women of Les Copains

Les Copains creates its collections to dress the contemporary woman, refined, passionate and committed, she who defines her own style, but does not uniform. The informal elegance is innate elegance, immanent, exclusive but unpretentious, without excesses, without formalism. The ambition of the brand is then to give the right garments for every occasion, a total look with clean lines enriched with the right glamour twist.


Blue plus blue: navy blue

Blue ink like the color of the sea that becomes the navy blue Les Copains with code 188. The marine tradition of the brand, where the marine cloth and the English coast are borrowed from the uniforms of sailors and transformed into glamorous elements. The mood is true DNA Les Copains, which returns in every collection in which the navy blue dominates, as well as white, stripes and gold buttons.